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Google Sheets Personal Finance Tracker

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Step 0: Tracking

This is not a budget. Don't be intimidated. The first step I took toward getting out of debt and understanding where my money was going was simply writing down every transaction I made and keeping an eye on my bank balance.

I did that on a sheet of paper in my back pocket while working as a barista for years. Later, I graduated to Google Sheets.

Here's a video walkthrough:

Let me walk you through what to expect before you load up another spreadsheet and get overwhelmed...

My wife and I have been using iterations of this tool since 2013, and this year's version is even more beginner friendly than ever while still giving some nice charts and analysis tools.

Download for FREE

There are a host of personal finance tools available today. I hope you find value in one of them. I've made this one available for as little as $0.00 :)

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Check it out, and let me know if it helped you! I'd love to hear from you:



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A link to my 2022 Google Sheets Personal Finance Tracker. Copy this to your Google Drive and start seeing where your money is going.

3 min setup
No finance knowledge required
You can set an amount from 0 to whatever.
Video Tutorial
I made a walkthrough YouTube video to let you check it out first and get started quickly.
Made by Human
I'm just a regular non-wealthy dude that likes to make stuff.


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Google Sheets Personal Finance Tracker

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